OpenBoxes 0.8.7 has been released

June 4, 2019


Please see below notes about improvements and bug fixes in the new OB version that was released last night. Please email if you encounter any issues or have any feedback. Thank you for your feedback thus far and we look forward to sharing additional improvements with you in the coming weeks and months.

Import Data

  • Added more data import types

    Import Data

  • Quantity on hand is again visible in the global search.
  • When user is viewing the Stock Card and changes location, user remains on the item card in the new location instead of being redirected to Dashboard
  • After user marks an item as expired or damaged from the item card, user will automatically return to the item card instead of being redirected to the Dashboard.


  • Allow users with role Admin delete stock movements that have not been shipped
  • Allow users with role Manager to export products

Stock Movement

  • Added validation for Date Requested, if date is in the future
  • On last page of stock movement workflow, if shipment type is Default, user will get a warning to populate this field.


  • Export Inventory Levels report is now working for all columns
  • Improvements to the Inventory Report report download: irrelevant columns removed and column added for Total Value.
  • Improvements to Bin location Report download: irrelevant columns removed
  • Improvement to Goods Received Note: Column for unit of measure added
  • Improvements to Delivery Note:
    • Separates cold chain items;
    • No longer lists lot numbers with quantity zero;
    • Will now export in a printable format for Firefox users
  • Export all incoming items report added. This report shows a list of all items by shipment that have not been received or only partially received. This button is visible from the List Inbound Stock Movements page.
  • Can now export search results from the List Products page
  • Improvements to Product Demand

Document Templates

  • Improvements to document templates, including access to new variables available

Stock List Management

  • When you edit stock lists items, items appear in sort order selected for stock list
  • Added validation to warn user if try to email a stock list for a list that does not have a manager assigned.
  • Added validation to warn user if try to send an email without a recipient
  • Stock list PDF only shows categories if “sort by category” was selected as the sort order for stock list items. For stock lists not sorted by category, category headings are not visible.

Stock Card

  • On stock history page, can hover over shipment number and see full shipment name.
  • Superusers have access to a new tab on the Stock Card called “Demand.” This is being used temporarily as we work on ensuring that the dynamic demand calculation that will be available to all users is accurate.
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