Increase stock visibility

Increase stock visibility across all facilities and departments within your organization.

Eliminate Stockouts

Reduce the risk of stock outs by informing users when stock levels are at or below reorder and minimum quantity.

Reduce wastage

Reduce wastage through use of first-expiry-first-out (FEFO) picking strategy that ensures medicines will be used before their expiry.

Better Forecasting

Improve planning and forecasting by analyzing demand data that is easily accessible.


OpenBoxes is open-source which means you have access to the source code which provides the flexibility to customize the software to your requirements.

Improve Traceability

Improve traceability by using data standards, including lot numbers and expiration dates, to better handle exceptional product lifecycle events like product recalls.



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Recent news

October 2018

on October 8, 2018

October 2018 October 2018 is an exciting month for OpenBoxes with the implementation of Version 8. The software now features consolidated and automated workflows for all types of stock movements, the ability to partially receive a shipment, and a more flexible put away workflow. Automation includes selection of appropriate workflow for type of stock movement selected, suggested pick based on FEFO and quantity in bin, and data validation for substitutions and picking.

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The Road Ahead

on September 23, 2016

The Road Ahead In addition to the upcoming v0.8.0 release we also have some really awesome improvements planned for the future (see our RoadMap). v0.9.0 Fixed Assets We currently support inventory management of any type of product (fixed asset vs consumable item). However, there are additional workflows associated with fixed assets that I’ve always wanted to support in OpenBoxes. For example, we should be able to track the current status, location, and maintenance log for fixed assets like computers, handheld devices, hospital beds, monitors, etc.

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OpenBoxes 0.8.0 (in-progress)

on September 23, 2016

OpenBoxes 0.8.0 (in-progress) It’s been a few months since our last release (hotfix), but rest assured we are working on something big. We’ve been stuck on Grails 1.3.7 for several years, but I’ve started the arduous process of upgrading to Grails 2.5.5. This change will be somewhat transparent to most users, but there are tons of bug fixes and performance improvements that will be unlocked by this upgrade. In addition, this will allow us to use a few more plugins (like spring security!

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