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Open Source supply chain software used to manage supplies and medications for healthcare facilities and disaster response efforts.


  • Manage inventory within multiple facilities.
  • Track stock movements into and out of your facilities.
  • Organize your stock using bin locations.
  • Know when your stock is expiring or stocked out.
  • View stock history for any product or item.
  • Record discrepancies when receiving shipments.
  • Analyze demand to forecast for future purchases.
  • Perform cycle counts, inventory adjustments.
  • Initiate purchasing through purchase orders.
  • Request stock from point-of-use kiosks within your hospital.
  • Customize for any language/locale (includes Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish).
  • Automated database schema updates via Liquibase.
  • Manage all of your product master data in one place.
  • Synchronize data across multiple server instances (powered by SymmetricDS).