The Road Ahead

In addition, please read our blog entry The Road Ahead to get more details about the items in the roadmap. And as always, please contact us with any feedback or questions.

Coming Soon

  • Revamped user-friendly stock list management functionality
  • Advanced data analytics to provide real-time metrics to improve decision making related to forecasting and inventory efficiency
  • Customizable permissions

Future Goals

  • Integration with third-party accounting and constituent relationship management (CRM) systems like QuickBooks, Salesforce
  • Integration with IoT devices like cold chain thermometers to record the temperature of cold-chain items in real-time
  • Mobile app to improve usability for workers within the warehouse
  • Workflows that incorporate barcoding to improve efficiency of receipt and putaway as well as requisition fulfillment and replenishment tasks
  • Asset management (i.e tracking of fixed asset status, location, repairs, and warranties)
  • Integration with pharmacy point-of-service (POS) / electronic medical records (EMR) systems in order to close the consumption loop at the prescription and drug administration level and to detect/prevent shrinkage due to theft, damage, and spillage
  • Integration with Twilio to provide SMS notifications for stock alerts and items requiring replenishment, as well as reminders to check stock levels based on user-defined schedules

Roadmap Last updated: Jan 26, 2018 12:13am


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