Google Summer of Code

We have submitted an application for the Google Summer of Code this year and wanted to solicit some project ideas for students.

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DigitalOcean Marketplace

We’re very excited to announce that OpenBoxes 0.8.14 can now be installed as a DigitalOcean droplet using the 1-Click App DigitalOcean Marketplace.

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Need to Know: OpenBoxes and Supply Chain

The 2010 Haiti earthquake hit, and offers of in-kind donations came pouring in overnight. The need was unthinkable, and …

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Self-Service Deployment & User On-boarding

In collaboration with Partners In Health, we have submitted a concept note for the Digital Square’s Notice EO Phase 1 Shelf Readiness project and we need your feedback.

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Check out our REST API docs!

We’ve created documentation for our fledgling REST API. Please check out the API docs
and then head over to or Slack to discuss with our development team.

We are hoping to implement OpenAPI/Swagger docs soon. If you’d like to help with the migration, please start a discussion with me in the ticket.

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Community Support

We’ve created a new discussion forum at powered by Discourse. Join us to find out about new releases, request features, and report bugs.

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Need help getting started? Check out our service offering and request a quote.