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Source Code

Developers should clone (see below) or fork the main repository on GitHub in order to start developing new features.

$ git clone

Please review the in order to learn how to set up your development envrionment.


OpenBoxes is distributed as a WAR file. In order to run OpenBoxes you'll need to deploy the WAR file to a Java servlet container (i.e. Tomcat, Jetty, Glassfish, etc) -- Tomcat 7 is recommended. In addition, you'll need to install a somewhat recent version of the MySQL database (MySQL 5.5 or older).

NOTE: Sometimes due to laziness this page does not get updated with the latest version. You can always see the latest releases on GitHub.

All Releases


OpenBoxes v0.7.13 Released Nov 16, 2016

  • Added support for the following locales: Arabic, German, Italian, Portuguese (#161)


OpenBoxes v0.7.12 Released Nov 5, 2016

  • Added health monitoring endpoint /api/status that can be used to monitor ... the health ... of your application with a monitoring service like New Relic Synthetics. (#163)


OpenBoxes v0.7.11 Released Jun 27, 2016

  • Fixed performance issue with transaction report (#155)


OpenBoxes v0.7.10 Released Jun 23, 2016

  • Fixed bug with the stock history balance column holding onto some quantity that should have been zero'd out (#122)


OpenBoxes v0.7.9 Released May 6, 2016

  • Add missing foreign key constraints (#145)


OpenBoxes v0.7.8 Released Apr 21, 2016

  • Import order line items into an existing purchase order (#133)
  • Purchase Order > HibernateException: Illegal attempt to associate a collection with two open sessions (#50)
  • Minor cleanup to prevent the assign identifier quartz job from throwing hundreds of "Duplicate key" errors if the pool of identifiers is small enough to cause lots of collisions
  • Purchase Order UI changes to make it more consistent with other pages
  • Minor enhancements to make UI a little more consistent across entire app