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If you are interested in installing OpenBoxes on your laptop or in the cloud, you should download the latest release and following the installation instructions according to your platform.

NOTE: OpenBoxes is distributed as a WAR file. In order to run OpenBoxes you'll need to deploy the WAR file to a Java servlet container (i.e. Tomcat, Jetty, Glassfish, etc) -- Tomcat 7 is recommended. In addition, you'll need to install a somewhat recent version of the MySQL database (MySQL 5.5 or older).

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We do not currently provide an official hosted solution for OpenBoxes. However, if you are neither a developer nor a sysadmin, but would like to use OpenBoxes please contact our support team We'd be happy to discuss your requirements to determine whether OpenBoxes would be a good fit for your organization. And if so, we'd love to help install OpenBoxes on one of our supported cloud providers.

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Local Development

If you are are a developer interested in contributing to the project you should clone (see below) or fork the main repository on GitHub.

$ git clone

Please review the in order to learn how to set up your development envrionment.

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